Strengthening social systems for better child well-being outcomes for early grade learners in our schools - Prof Leila Patel



ICSD 22nd Biennial Conference Roundtable: Social sector systems strengthening for better child well-being outcomes: lessons from a South African case study
ICSD 22nd Biennial Conference Roundtable: Cash plus care in the Global South

In addition to presenting at the ICSD 22nd Biennial Conference the CoP team delivered the following presentations:

  • Connecting cash with care for better child well-being by Prof Patel at National Family Services Forum meeting, Department of Social Development (DSD) in February 2021
  • The role of child and Youth in cash plus care by Prof Leila Patel at UNICEF Webinar in May 2021
  • Young peoples’ mental health during Covid-19: Innovative psychosocial support interventions by Prof Jace Pillay at ICSD 22nd Biennial Conference 

  • Community of Practice for Social Systems Strengthening to Improve Child Well – Being Outcomes by Prof Leila Patel at University of Stellenbosch- Brown-bag Lunch presentation in August 2017
  • The CoP model by Tania Sani at The Science of Human Connection – Imago Africa Conference in October 2021
  • The CoP model by Sadiyya Haffejee at The Kempe International Conference and the University of North South Wales (Australia), Australian Social Policy Conference in November 2021